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Alison Mathews

Alison Mathews’ new work is comprised of 128 short works, each only a system in length and divided into 4 themes; moods, sweets, weather and underwater. Each theme contains 8 different works, untitled except with an illustration and each work comes in 4 different difficulty levels. The students can browse...
This work, by British composer Alison Mathews, was inspired by the names of precious (or not so precious) gemstones: The Amethyst Crystal, Diamond Bright, Emerald Eyes, etc. 17 works for solo piano, can be found inside the score, composed with great attention to detail and the educational value of each and every...
A tender, poetic, new collection of 14 solo piano pieces from British composer Alison Mathews. For grades 5-6, with the exception of the last piece which is closer to grade 7. ISBN 13: 9790708147558
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