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Adult Piano Adventures 1 classics 9781616771867

Adult Piano Adventures 1 classics 9781616771867

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Adult Piano Adventures 1, classics

Adult Piano Adventures Classics Book 1 celebrates great masterworks of Western Music. This book is designed for adult beginners and for those who have played in the past and are reacquainting with the keyboard. This Book includes titles likes "Pomp And  Circumstances" by Elgar, "Caro Nome" by Verdi and Mozart's Theme of "The magic Flute" as well as the following aspects of learning:

  • Learn to read music with an approach that is easy to understand and apply  

  • Discover a wide variety of music - classical, folk, jazz, blues and spirituals

  • Sight-reading and ear-training are integrated into the course

  • Lead sheets give an opportunity to read chord symbols and create accompaniments

  • 3-Minute Technique offers effective exercises for finger, wrists and arms  

  • Music Theory pagers review concepts such as intervals, chords and scales




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