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Chopin Mazurkas Edition Peters Piano Urtext EP1902 Trinity Grade 7 Alternative

Trinity Grade 7 Alternative Piece 2021-2023

The complete collection of Frederic Chopin's Mazurkas for Solo Piano, edited by Scholtz.

Contents: Op.6, Nos1–4; Op.7, Nos1–5; Op.17, Nos1–4; Op.24, Nos.1–4; Op.30, Nos1–4; Op.33,Nos.1–4; Op.41, Nos.1–4; Op.50, Nos1–3; Op.56, Nos1–3; Op.59,Nos.–3; Op.63, Nos.1–3; Op.67, Nos,1–4; Op.post68, Nos.1–4; Allegretto; Op.post1–7.... Show More >

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