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Core Classics 7 Grades 7-8 ABRSM 9781786013118

Core Classics 7 Grades 7-8 ABRSM 9781786013118

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Core Classics is a collection of seven books of music from the piano canon, selected and graded by leading educationalists. Drawn from ABRSM’s extensive back catalogue, each volume contains a rich selection of engaging pieces to form the backbone of any pianist’s repertoire. From Bach to Beethoven, Scarlatti to Schumann, this series includes an abundance of much-loved pieces. All pieces have been carefully selected to ensure that each book is nothing short of a ‘teacher’s toolkit’ – works that any teacher would want their pupils to learn as part of their musical journey.

Each book is authoritatively graded, with pieces gradually increasing in difficulty throughout. The books are equally valuable for learners working towards a grade exam, between grades, or playing for leisure, building technical skills and confidence.

With an elegant and attractive design, and an unrivalled range of repertoire, this is an essential collection for piano teachers and learners alike.



  1. Sonata in A, Allegro

  2. Sarabande from English Suite no.3

  3. Dumia

  4. Des Abends Op. 12 nr 1

  5. Impromptu in A flat

  6. Rondo, Third Movement from Sonata in C minor op. 13

  7. Intermezzo in B flat

  8. Consolation III in D flat

  9. Allegro from Sonata in B flat k. 333/315c

  10. Prelude in C sharp minor

  11. Air and Doubles in E (The Harmonious Blacksmith)

  12. Rumores de la Caleta (Murmurs from the day): No. 6 from Recuerdos de viaje, Op. 71 (Travel Impressions)

  13. Presto from Suite nr 6 in C

  14. Scherzo in E minor, Op. 16 No. 2

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