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Dogs and Birds

Dogs & Birds Piano Method 1 (Blank) Elza Lusher 9781470611880

Dogs & Birds Piano Method 1 (Blank) Elza Lusher 9781470611880

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Dogs & Birds Piano Method 1 (Blank), Elza Lusher, 9781470611880

Dogs and Birds Book 1 is a first piano tutor for very young children that is fun yet systematic. The Dogs and Birds approach, allows very young children to learn the piano, even before they know the alphabet. The music is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 7. The method uses animal symbols to represent the musical notes, for example Cat is C and Dog is D. The animal names are monosyllabic and children are encouraged to sing the names as they play the tunes on the piano or keyboard. This helps children develop musicality and their inner ear. As well the musical pieces, rhythm exercises are dispersed throughout the book - important for establishing a good sense of pulse and rhythm. In this animal notes edition of the book, animal symbols are printed in the notes, which aid the children in remembering the musical notation. This animal notes edition of the book is recommended for ages 3 to 6

ISBN-13: 9781470611880

ISBN-10: 0956849784

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