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Easy Concert Pieces 2 for Piano+ CD Ed. Monika Twelsiek & Rainer Mohrs ED22548

Easy Concert Pieces 2 for Piano+ CD Ed. Monika Twelsiek & Rainer Mohrs ED22548

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For the Easy Concert Pieces series, the experienced piano teacher Monika Twelsiek compiled pleasant, easy piano pieces for beginners and published them in two volumes in progressive order. The third volume is in preparation.

The three volumes are intended to complement a piano tutorial method and are particularly suitable for performance at auditions at music schools, for examinations and for competitions. They offer varied repertoire in a broad selection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.

Volume 2 (ED 22548) extends the range to two octaves. Hand turns (crossing the thumb under), pedal, simple polyphony and three- or four-part chords all feature in Volume 2, as do simple ornaments, playing cantabileand differentiating between melody and accompaniment.


F. Couperin: Les coucous bénévoles
C. Petzold: Menuett G major
C. Petzold: Menuett G minor
J.-F. Dandrieu: Gavotte en Rondeau
G.F. Händel: Gavotte G major
G.F. Händel: Chaconne G major
J.S. Bach: Marsch D major
J.S. Bach: Menuett D minor
J.S. Bach: Menuett G major
J.S. Bach: Präludium C major BWV 939
J. Haydn: Menuett F major
W. Duncombe: Hunting Jig
J.B. Vanhal: Sonatina F major
W.A. Mozart: Menuett KV 1e G major
W.A. Mozart: Menuett KV 2 F major
W.A. Mozart: Allegro KV 3 B major
W.A. Mozart: The Sleigh Ride KV 605/3
D. Steibelt: Adagio A minor
Attwood: Sonatine G major
L.v. Beethoven: Sonatine G major
L.v. Beethoven: German Dance C major
L.v. Beethoven: German Dance G major
R. Schumann: Solidier's March, op. 68/2
R. Schumann: The Merry Peasant, op. 68/10
R. Schumann: Humming Song, op. 68/3
F. Chopin: Polish Song
C. Gurlitt: Theme with Variations, op. 228
C.L.H. Köhler: Sonatine G major
P. Tschaikowsky: Old French Song, op. 39/16
P. Tschaikowsky: The Sick Doll, op. 39/6
P. Tschaikowsky: Dolly's Funeral, op. 39/7
M. Tajcevic: Cantabile
F. Emonts: Blues
H. Regner: In the Cave
G. Nevada: A Little Dreamy
G. Nevada: When A Dream Drifts Away
J. Moser: Rainy Day
R. Mohrs: The Bewitched Dwarf Awakens
R. Mohrs: Dance of the Dwarfes
R. Mohrs: A Song of Hope
M. Schoenmehl: Criminal Music
M. Schoenmehl: The Somersault King - M. Schoenmehl: Stimmton a=442 hz 

ISBN: 9783795710125

UPC: 888680696986

Scott Code: ED 22548

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