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June Armstrong Enchanted World Classic Children's Literature recreated for Piano

June Armstrong Enchanted World Classic Children's Literature recreated for Piano

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Enchanted World, June Armstrong, Classic Children's Literature recreated for Piano 

Inspired by the Books of A.A.Milne

The pieces are around grades 1 - 3 standard

30 magical songs from the world of Winnie the Pooh that are easier to play than they look or sound! Pupils will be able to play impressive repertoire that will enthuse and excite them, and impress the listener as well! 

Finely crafted original piano music specifically designed as teaching material to promote technical development, to facilitate high levels of interpretation and to engage the imagination. 

All the  titles and themes are from the books.


Scenes inspired by 'Winnie-the-Pooh

  1. The Forest

  2. Stumping along

  3. The Little Black Cloud

  4. Nothing to do until Friday

  5. A Very Secretive Creature

  6. Cottleston Pie

  7. Bursting the Balloon

  8. The Spelling of Happy Birthday

  9. Sing Ho!

  10. Boggy and Sad

  11. Three Large Jumps

  12. Look at Me Jumping!

  13. The Terrible Flood

  14. Finding the North Pole

  15. Bedtime

Scenes inspired by 'The House at Pooh Corner'

  1. A Drowsy Summer's Afternoon

  2. Violets are Rather Nice

  3. A Very Busy Day

  4. Bounce

  5. On the Bridge

  6. The Jugular Jaguar

  7. A Happy Morning Song

  8. In the Mist

  9. If That's Left is This Right?

  10. The Halfway Spot

  11. An Outdoor Song for Snowy Weather

  12. Ho Ho!

  13. A Very Blusterous Day

  14. To the Rescue!

  15. An Enchanted Place

June Armstrong is a piano teacher of many years' experience. She writes atmospheric and descriptive piano music for all levels which is designed to engage the imagination and promote technical development. Her music has been selected by major examination boards, music festivals and the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland's national archive for new music.

ISBN: 9790900223180

EAN: 7109614507554

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