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Improve Your Sight-Reading! A piece a week Paul Harris Grade 1 9780571539376

Improve Your Sight-Reading! A piece a week Paul Harris Grade 1 9780571539376

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This workbook helps the player overcome problems, by building up a complete picture of each piece, through rhythmic and melodic exercises related to specific technical issues, then by studying prepared pieces with associated questions, and finally ‘going solo’ with a series of meticulously-graded sight-reading pieces.

Improve your sight-reading! A piece a week, Grade 1 is part of the best-selling series by Paul Harris guaranteed to improve your sight-reading!

A piece a week is ideal to be used alongside the Improve your sight-reading graded piano books to support and improve the reading skills so fundamental to successful sight-reading. These fun, short pieces are specifically written to be learnt one per week. By continually reading accessible new repertoire, the crucial processing of information and hand-eye coordination are established and improved, developing confident sight-reading.


  • In the mirror

  • Chips and sauce

  • Watermill

  • Chasing chickens

  • Frogs on a log

  • The brightest star in the night sky

  • Echoes

  • Bouncing balls

  • Ice skating

  • Pony ride

  • Tock tock

  • Floating candles

  • Robots magic dust

  • Knight in shining armour

  • Little bird late for school

  • Dreamy clouds

  • Beeping horns

  • Icy

  • Camels in the desert

  • Dungeon

  • Hamster on a wheel

  • What's that in the mist?

  • Games in the playground

  • At the funfair

ISBN 10: 0571539378

EAN13: 9780571539376

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