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Keyed UP Orange Book Tutor For Electronic Keyboard Trinity Grade 3 Nancy Litten

Keyed UP Orange Book Tutor For Electronic Keyboard Trinity Grade 3 Nancy Litten

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Couperin, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Mick Jagger, John Williams, Dolly Parton, and many more ...

This book brings students up to the standard for Trinity College London's grade 3 examination. 

Keys expand to the majors and minors of three flats or sharps and chords include diminished ones. Touch sensitivity is now required, and Registration Memory makes quick changes easier. RH technique is further developed, with grace notes, glissando, arpeggiated chords and 3-note chords. There are more pieces using both clefs, piano style. 

On the musicianship front, there are pieces to encourage recognition of intervals and opportunities for composition, improvisation and accompanying, including 'tritones' for jazz vamping, 12/8 and 3/8 make an appearance, and some cross-rhythms.
As in all the books, the material aims to provide enjoyment, experience of ensemble, and a gentle gradient of new skills and knowledge.

    Keyed UP is an exciting and innovative approach to teaching and learning the keyboard. Nancy Litten carefully guides the student through a series of well-known and catchy melodies and adds learning concepts along the way. So the student simply enjoys the journey whilst acquiring new skills- as Nancy says in the preface:

    "It has been discovered that the main reason why pupils discontinue lessons is because of a lack of opportunity to play with others. It is assumed that if they are good at a skill they will enjoy it. Modern research has discovered that the reverse is more likely; if they enjoy something they will strive to become good at it."

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    ISBN 13: 9781470611729

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