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Manumat Giant Floor Keyboard Mat

Manumat Giant Floor Keyboard Mat

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Measuring 3.0 metres (nearly 10ft) x 0.65 metres (just over 2ft), this Giant Keyboard can be walked on, jumped on, rolled on and sat on! We use it with the Music Snap cards for pupils to identify notes in various ways, but I'm sure piano teachers will think of all sorts of ways of using it!

The Keyboard Mat is designed for use on the floor and it spans 4 Octaves

It can be rolled up to store, and is washable.

As with all our other Teaching Aids, the mat offers the pupil the chance to step down from the piano whilst still learning! Used in conjunction with the Manu-Mat Notation Mat the teacher can engage the pupil in an enjoyable and rewarding interaction between note symbols on the Grand Staff and note positions on the keyboard.


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