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Music Theory Learning Tool with Musical Notes by Manumat

Music Theory Learning Tool with Musical Notes by Manumat

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Are you looking for an innovative and effective teaching resource to supercharge your music lessons? Look no further! Introducing ManuMat – the ultimate music theory tool that will revolutionize the way you teach and engage your students.

With ManuMat, you'll have access to a dynamic and interactive platform that brings music theory to life.

Why choose ManuMat?

  1. Engaging Lessons: Say goodbye to boring lectures! ManuMat's interactive lessons captivate students with its visually stunning graphics and intuitive interface. Watch as your students eagerly explore musical concepts with excitement and curiosity.

  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from note reading to advanced harmonies, ManuMat provides a comprehensive curriculum that ensures your students develop a solid foundation in music theory. No topic is left unexplored!

  3. Personalized Learning: With ManuMat, every student's learning journey is unique. The platform adapts to individual needs, providing tailored feedback and practice exercises. Witness your students' confidence soar as they progress at their own pace.

  4. Collaborative Classroom Environment: Foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork with ManuMat's group activities and interactive exercises. Encourage your students to learn from one another, share ideas, and develop their musical communication skills.

Manumat starter set includes the following:

High Quality Stave Mat 130cm x 40cm

Transparent notes and symbols:

6 x Bar Lines

1 x Treble Clef

1 x Bass Clef

8 x Crotchets (1/4 notes)

6 x Quavers (1/8 notes)

4 x Semiquavers (1/16 notes)

6 x Minims (1/2 notes)

2 x Semibreves (Whole notes)

2 x Sharps

2 x Flats

2 x Naturals

8 x Time Signatures ( 4x4 - 4x2 - 2x3 - 2x6 - 1x8 )

Above and below stave lines notes ('Middle C') : 2 x Crotchet, 1 x Minim, 1 x Quaver, 1 x Semiquaver, 1 x Semibreve

Miniature across stave keyboard mat.

Especially designed and manufactured by music professionals for music professionals & children

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