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microjazz collection 2 Christopher Norton Piano Book Face in the Crowd

microjazz collection 2 Christopher Norton Piano Book Face in the Crowd

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*Includes 'Face in the Crowd: No.25', an alternative piece for the Grade 3 2019 and 2020 ABRSM exam syllabus.*

Easy pieces in popular styles such as jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll and reggae. This collection contains all the pieces formerly contained in Microjazz for Starters 1 and Microjazz for Starters 2. The pieces are printed in order of difficulty. Each one is preceded by a Microstudy, a set of simple exercises designed to develop the technique and co-ordination necessary to play Microjazz. The pieces in 'The Microjazz Collection 1' are designed to be enjoyed, and are meant to be performed in front of an audience - family, friends, other students, or whoever can be found! Microjazz helps you develop musicianship and technique through the familiar sounds and styles of popular music.



Disco Drive

Blues No1

Coconut Rag

A Spiritual

Two-handed Blues

Inter-city Stomp

Open Space

Cloudy Day


Picnic Piece

Get In Step

Washing Blues

Jazz Waltz

An Adventure

Blues Lullaby

Three Plus Two Blues

Fifth Dimension


Just An Aside


Mixed Up

Conversation Piece


Face In The Crowd

Play It Again

New Day

Just A Sample


Miniature Blues

In The Park


Touch Sensitive

Tiger Blues


Ready Or Not


ISBN 13: 9780851626192

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