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More Romantic Pieces for Piano Book I ABRSM Galop by Kabalevsky Grade 2

More Romantic Pieces for Piano Book I ABRSM Galop by Kabalevsky Grade 2

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Includes 'Galop by Kabalevsky' Grade 2 Alternative Piece ABRSM 2021 Syllabus

Five volumes of piano repertoire offering an ideal introduction to music from the Romantic period. Featuring works by great names such as Chopin, Schumann and Debussy as well as pieces by lesser-known composers from this prolific period of piano writing. Volumes are carefully graded and offer a variety of keys, time signatures and moods.

Edition No. D4509

ISBN: 9781854724502


  1. Canon in E minor [F Braunroth]

  2. Study in A, Op. 176 No. 15 (Andantino) [J. B. Duvernoy]

  3. Study in A, Op. 93 No. 33 (Allegretto) [Enckhausen]

  4. Study in D minor, Op. 93 No. 22 (Andante) [Enckhausen]

  5. Morning Pastimes [Zdenek Fibich]

  6. Barcarolle in A minor [Gedike]

  7. Russian Song, Op. 36 No. 24 [Gedike]

  8. Vivace in C, Op. 179 No. 32 [Cornelius Gurlitt]

  9. Waltz in F, Op. 179 No. 21 [Cornelius Gurlitt]

  10. Polish Song, Op. 117 No. 18 [Hiller]

  11. Cuckoo [E Horak]

  12. Little Piece in A minor, Op. 74 No. 2 [d'Indy]

  13. Galop, Op. 39 No. 18 [Dmitri Kabalevsky]

  14. The Little Bird and the Cat, Op. 83 No. 16 [Krug]

  15. Melody in C, No. 21 from ABC du Piano [Le Couppey]

  16. The Moth [Maikapar]

  17. Poco lamentoso: No. 6 from 'Piano Music for Big and Small', Op. 53 [Carl Nielsen]

  18. Prelude in G minor, Op. 70 No. 7 [Nolck]

  19. Serenade in F, Op. 183 No. 3: 2nd movement, Minuet in C [Carl Reinecke]

  20. Waltz in G minor, Op. 2 No. 2 [H. J. Richter]

  21. Mr Happy-go-lucky (Monsieur Sans-souci) [Sandre]

  22. You can't catch me! (Tu ne m'attrapera pas!) [Sandre]

  23. Landler in Eb, D

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