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Mozart Piano Sonatas I Bärenreiter Urtext BA 4861

Mozart Piano Sonatas I Bärenreiter Urtext BA 4861

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Mozart, Piano Sonatas I,  Piano Book, Urtext, Bärenreiter 9790006457663  BA 4861

Bärenreiter Urtext is a seal of quality assigned only to scholarly-critical editions. It guarantees that the musical text represents the current state of research, prepared in accordance with clearly defined editorial guidelines.

The present two-volume edition of Mozart's piano sonatas reproduces the text of the Neue Mozart- Ausgabe (New Mozart- Edition = NMA IX/25). It includes in their authentic scoring all works in the main corpus of each of the two volumes, and in the Appendices to Volume 1 and 2, respectively, the first uncompleted version of the first movement of K.284. 


  1. Sonata in C major K.279 (189d) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  2. Sonata in F major K.280 (189e) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  3. Sonata in B-flat major K.281 (189f) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  4. Sonata in E-flat major K.282 (189g) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  5. Sonata in G major K.283 (189h) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  6. Sonata in D major K.284 (205b) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  7. Sonata in C major K.309 (284b) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  8. Sonata in D major K.311 (284c) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

  9. Sonata in A minor K.310 (300d) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]


BA 4861


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