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Music Moves

Music Moves for Piano Boogies and Blues G-6445

Music Moves for Piano Boogies and Blues G-6445

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Levels One-Four. Boogies and Blues is a collection of light pieces that progress in difficulty and can be used from the first year through the fourth year of study.

Students learn to hear, perform, compose, and improvise with the tonic, subdominant, and dominant chord changes of the traditional blues chord progression.

Duet parts provide models for improvisation.

Music Moves for Piano is a new piano method for the 21st century that builds on Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze and applies Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory to the teaching of piano. Music Learning Theory is the same as Gordon's 'theories of audiation' and is a sequential learning process that guides students to hear and perform music with understanding. The music learning process, similar to the language learning model, is: 1) listen  2) speak; perform; acquire a rhythm and tonal music vocabulary by singing, chanting, and moving  3) think, improvise, audiate  4) read  5) write.   


  1. Silver Canyon Blues

  2. Doggone Blues

  3. Pony Express

  4. Haunted House Boogie

  5. Blue Knight

  6. Deep Blue Sea

  7. Dolphin Game

  8. Bus Tour Blues

  9. Grandfather's Boogie

  10. Mountain Echo Boogie

  11. Move It!

  12. Cherokee Chant

  13. Popcorn Boogie


Original Composition

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ISBN 13: 9781579993498

Edition No. G-6445

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