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Note Counters for Manumat Keyboard Mat 7109613989924

Note Counters for Manumat Keyboard Mat 7109613989924

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Note Counters for Manumat Keyboard Mat 

Pack of spare counters for the Manumat Keyboard Mat, supplied as a pack of coloured 14 counters spanning 2 Octaves. Labels, printed A - G, are supplied separately so can choose which colour counter each letter is stuck to.

The counters are made from durable plastic and measure 22mm in diameter. Each pack contains:

2 x Red counters

2 x Blue Counters

2 x Pink Counters

2 x Green Counters

2 x Orange Counters

2 x Purple Counters

2 x Yellow Counters

Plus 2 labels of each letter A - G. Each Label measures 19mm Diameter.

The counters can be used either on the keyboard mat or on your Piano/Keyboard

EAN: 7109613989924

Our Code: KMC01

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