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Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Technique & Artistry Book 1

Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Technique & Artistry Book 1

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Designed for the teenager or transfer student, this technique course combines Technique Secrets from both the Primer and Level 1 with new exercises that correlate with Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book One. The integration of technique and artistry gives students the tools for expressive performance. Technique Secrets develops a technical foundation, while the Artistry Magic page at the end of each unit explores expressive playing.


  1. Finlandia

  2. Tribal Dance

  3. Scottish Reel

  4. Sleeping Beauty Waltz

  5. Viking Ship

  6. A Little Morning Music

  7. Alaskan Sled Team

  8. Bluesy Fingers

  9. Bugle Call

  10. Call Of The Fife

  11. Canadian Geese

  12. Chords In Flight

  13. City Subway

  14. Contrary Motion Study

  15. Crazy Eighths

  16. Dance Of The Irish

  17. Desert Trek

  18. Double Ferris Wheel

  19. Finger Fanfare

  20. Good Music To You!

  21. Jazzy Saints

  22. Keyboard Compass

  23. Merry Musette

  24. Painter In The Park

  25. Perilous Midnight Ride

  26. Rocking With 4Ths

  27. Roman Celebration

  28. Run Like The Wind

  29. Running In The Rain

  30. Sailor Boots

  31. Staccato March

  32. Surprise Symphony Variation

  33. Swan Lake Theme

  34. The Carillon Tower

  35. The Left-Handed Washerwoman

  36. Tilt-A-Wheel

  37. Travelin' Fingers

  38. Twirling

  39. Victory Chords

  40. Walk In The Woods

  41. Weightless Thumbs

  42. 1-2-3-4 March

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ISBN: 9781616774202

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