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Piano Safari

Piano Safari Level 3 Pack 2nd Edition 2020 Katherine Fisher Julie Knerr

Piano Safari Level 3 Pack 2nd Edition 2020 Katherine Fisher Julie Knerr

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The 2nd Edition of the Level 3 Pack contains the updated version of Repertoire Book 3 and Technique Book 3. The Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards remain unchanged.

The materials that make up the Level 3 Pack are designed to enhance each other. Students make optimal progress when all components are used.

The Piano Safari series of Piano Method books and resources by Katherine Fisher and Julie Kerr is a modern approach to teaching the piano that is recommended by 'The Curious Piano Teachers' community. It has been widely acclaimed by piano teachers and is now the preferred choice of many leading professionals.

The series comprises of 3 levels, with:

  • A carefully sequenced, intervallic approach for learning to read music notation

  • Patterned pieces taught by rote that provide engaging music for students from the first lesson

  • Animal themed Technique Exercises that teach the basic motions of piano technique

  • Improvisation ideas for developing creativity

  • A holistic approach combining ears, eyes, and imagination that allows children to become musically literate at the piano

  • Accompanying Sight Reading and Rhythm Cards

  • Supplementary Technical Exercises and Rote Pieces


The Level 3 Pack contains:

  • Repertoire Book 3

  • Technique Book 3

  • Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards for Level 3

Repertoire Book Level 3 has 105 pages covering:

  • Musicianship

  • Rote Pieces

  • Technique and Technical Exercises

  • Reading

  • Improvisation

  • Folk Songs

Each subject is explained in a simple, east to read manner and thoughtfully illustrated. Animal themes are used throughout the series.

Sight Reading Cards for Level 3 feature the following:

  • Keys of C, G, and F Major and A, E, and D Minor

  • Primary chords in various accompaniment patterns

  • Rhythm Tapping Exercises

There are 14 color-coded cards for each of seven units, for a total of 98 cards.

Level 3 contents:

  • Teacher Introduction

  • Intro - Scherzo and Trio, Op.149, No.6, Diabelli - Ancient Ruins

  • Unit 1 - Summertime, Wohlfahrt - Sombre Procession,Wohlfahrt - Giocoso, Op.599, No.12, Czerny - Bagatelle, Reinagle - Kinetic Etude

  • Unit 2 - Emperor Penguin March, Op.87, No.37, Wohlfahrt - Dance of the Merry Seahorse - Autumn Mist - Hopeful Beginnings - Hungarian Folk Song Bartók - Nightingale

  • Unit 3 - The Hummingbird, Op.777, No.10, Czerny - Petite Waltz, Op.777, No.3, Czerny - The Woodpecker, Reinagle - Spanish Dance - The Playful Pup, Op.190, No.18, Köhler

  • Unit 4 - Bear Dance, Op.136, No.10, Gurlitt - Tell a Joke, Op.117, No.7, Gurlitt - Whirling Snowflake Waltz - Gavotte, Hook - Excursion, Op.61, No.23, Oesten - The Swirling Brook, Op.190, No.5, Köhler

  • Unit 5 - The Alpine Flute - Arietta, Op.149, No.5, Diabelli - The Bear, Rebikov - Tarantella, Lynes - Barcarolle, Op.777, No.8, Czerny - Picnic by the Seine, Op.176, No.8, Gurlitt

  • Unit 6 - A Pirate's Escapade - Song of Spring, Op.227, No.8, Gurlitt - The Midnight Gallop, Op.82, No.65, Gurlitt - Triumphant March, Reinagle - Sonatina, Op.214, No.2, II, Gurlitt - Chromatic rag

  • Unit 7 - Starlight Serenade - The Winter Wind, Wohlfahrt - Highland Bagpipes - Sonatina, Op.39, No.1, I, Lynes, Sunrise Over the Yangtze

  • Congratulations

  • About the Authors

Piano Safari also comes with Audio Tracks that can be downloaded using a code that comes with the books.

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ISBN: 9781470612047

ISBN-10: 01470612046

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