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Piano Safari

Piano Safari Piece Cards Level 1 147061250X

Piano Safari Piece Cards Level 1 147061250X

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Piece Cards provide motivation for students to learn and review their pieces. Students earn a card for each piece they complete in Repertoire Book 1.

There are four main ways students may use the Piece Cards to practice or review pieces:

  1. Unit Map. When you assign a piece, the student tapes their piece card on the appropriate place on their Unit Map.

    We typically encourage students to practice all the pieces on the Unit Map. An additional option is to put a sticker on the Piece Card as the student masters the piece, and another sticker for memorizing the piece.At each lesson, it is beneficial to ask the student to play through all their current pieces on the Unit Map. This allows the student to thoroughly master and review all the pieces in each unit. Upon completion of each unit, the student graduates to the new Unit Map for the next unit.

  2. Chain. Students earn a Piece Card for each piece they master and tape the Piece Cards they earn into a long chain.

  3. Bowl. Students earn a Piece Card for each piece they pass. These cards can be put in a bowl, and the student draws a card out of the bowl to review during practice at home or at the lesson.

  4. Hide and Seek. Teachers or parents can hide piece cards around the room. The student finds a card and plays that piece.



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