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RSL Classical Piano Debut (2021) Rockschool RSK200138

RSL Classical Piano Debut (2021) Rockschool RSK200138

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The new RSL Classical Piano syllabus aims to reflect the widening tastes of young people, positioning itself at the forefront of the vast array of music available to pianists, encompassing the rich heritage of music from the Baroque right through to the modern day and emerging composers. The repertoire strikes a balance between a radical redesign and maintaining a recognisable structure, and sticks to four key principles: championing ethnically diverse composers, representing genders, acknowledging the history and tradition of piano learning, and enabling students to feel comfortable studying music in a popular and classical environment.
The syllabus books are all beautifully presented, and to the high standard for which RSL books have become renowned from their market-leading Rockschool examinations for contemporary music. Each contains 10 pieces from a diverse range of composers and include everything students need to take their exams, including technical exercises and supporting texts for sight-reading, ear tests and general musicianship questions.


  1. Andante Verde

  2. Celebration Duet

  3. Celebration Primo

  4. Celebration Secondo

  5. Clair de Lune

  6. La Valse D'Ame?lie

  7. Martian's March

  8. Play (Allegretto)

  9. Sandcastle

  10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

  11. Una Mattina

  12. Vignette No.1

ISBN: 9781789361926

Item No. RSK200138

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