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Six Little Preludes and Fugues June Armstrong Piano 9790900235039

Six Little Preludes and Fugues June Armstrong Piano 9790900235039

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Six Little Preludes and Fugues, June Armstrong, Piano, 9790900235039

The pieces in this collection are of arranged technically from grade 2 to Grade 4 standard

In the composers own words: 'I began writing piano music because of my love of piano teaching, and the pleasure I have had over the years, working with so many wonderful young musicians.

June Armstrong is a piano teacher of many years' experience. She writes atmospheric and descriptive piano music for all levels which is designed to engage the imagination and promote technical development. Her music has been selected by major examination boards, music festivals and the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland's national archive for new music.


  1. Prelude One

  2. Fugue One

  3. Prelude Two

  4. Fugue Two

  5. Prelude Three

  6. Fugue Three

  7. Prelude Four

  8. Fugue Four

  9. Prelude Five

  10. Fugue Five

  11. Prelude Six

  12. Fugue Six

ISBN: 9790900223104

EAN: 7109615615586

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